Update: 10.03.2014
The Annexin Sequence Database is a curated compilation of annexin sequences with their current and "historical" nomenclatures, as well as links to individual entries in various nucleotide and amino acid sequence databases.
Main publications describing annexin phylogeny include:
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The Current Nomenclature
A Annexins Human and vertebrate orthologues
12 human subfamilies with orthologues in chordate metazoa
B Annexins Non-vertebrate metazoans
C Annexins Mycetozoa and fungi
D Annexins Plants
E Annexins Protista
F Annexins Bacteria
Isoforms and Gene Duplications
Isoforms and gene duplications are indicated by small letters, and decimal numbers in case of species-specific gene duplications. Examples:
Annexins Remark
ANXA2a / ANXA2b cDNA isoforms a/b differ by 81 bp from untranslated exon 2
ANXA2.1 / ANXA2.2 decimal forms represent species-specific gene duplications
ANXA6a / ANXA6b cDNA isoforms b have 6 extra codons encoded by cassette exon 21
ANXA7a / ANXA7b cDNA isoforms b have 22 extra codons encoded by cassette exon 6
ANXA13a / ANXA13b cDNA isoforms b have 41 extra codons encoded by cassette exon 2
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