Update: 14.10.2022

General Research Interests
Research in our laboratory focusses at understanding structure-function relationships of proteins involved in infectious diseases and addresses the problem of resistance to antibiotics occurring in parasitic, bacterial and fungal organisms.

Capitalising on genome and transcriptome data we seek to identify proteins involved in pathogen resistance in order to improve strategies of control and to develop therapeutic avenues by targeting novel pathogen proteins and interfering with pathogen-host interactions.

Using rigorous biochemical, biophysical, structural and computational methodologies, we conduct structure-function studies to obtain a solid understanding of molecular mechanisms with the clear aim of developing novel chemo- and immunotherapeutics.

The central aspect of all our projects is the three-dimensional structure of proteins and their complexes which is experimentally determined by protein X-ray crystallography and forms the basis to understand mechanisms on the molecular level. We further develop bio- and chemoinformatics software to underpin research work in this area and make these tools freely available to the community.

Bioactive Compounds
Biochemical Assays
Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases
Cytoskeletal Proteins
Data Science
Drug Discovery and Design
Electron Transfer and Redox
Java Applications
Proteins for Biotechnological Applications and Protein Engineering
Proteins in Infectious Diseases
Proteins in Neurological Diseases
Vaccine Design