Software and Databases
Update: 12.12.2021

Software applications and databases maintained by our laboratory:

DAViCal Docker Container
davical_https is a Docker image for a DAViCal server based on Debian 10 (davical, awl, php, apache, postgresql, perl). DAViCal is a server for shared calendars implementing the CalDAV protocol. The calendars are stored in the iCalendar format.

docuMS Document Management Software
docuMS is a document managment software programmed as a LAMP-stack and distributed as multi-container Docker application.

Java applications: PCSB
The Program Collection for Structural Biology and Biophysical Chemistry (PCSB) comprises several Java applications for recurring tasks in the area of structural biology and related disciplines.

Spreadsheet comparison
compare_sheets is a LibreOffice workbook including a macro to compare two worksheets with row-based data.

Annexin Sequence Database
The Annexin Sequence Database is a curated compilation of annexin sequences with their current and "historical" nomenclatures, as well as links to individual entries in various nucleotide and amino acid sequence databases.

Antiparasitics DB
Antiparasitics DB is a curated database of compounds tested for antiparasitic activity, and includes known resistance, mechanism and associated information.