Update: 17.01.2018

A Java chemical drawing software

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The Java application cDraw is a chemical drawing software for generation of publication-quality figures. The user interface has been designed with a clear focus on intuitive and convenient handling. The drawings generated in cDraw can be exported as PNG, SVG or TIF images. The main file format used to store cDraw drawings builds on CDML, an XML-based format developed for BKChem; however, cDraw also has basic import/export capability for CDXML, CML and SDF file formats.
The current version of the software is focused on providing the fundamental drawing operations for molecules and chemical schemes; it is currently not intended to interpret or appraise any chemical sense.




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Tutorial 1: Basic drawing operations
Tutorial 2.1: Drawing bonds
Tutorial 2.2: Editing atoms

Download cDraw from the PCSB home page.
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Hofmann, A., Wlodawer, A. (2002) PCSB - a programme collection for structural biology and biophysical chemistry. Bioinformatics 18, 209-210.
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