Teaching 2007
Update: 15.08.2017

Drug Discovery, Metabolism & Delivery (SCE3142), 2007
Lecture, 10.09.2007Basic Principles of Molecular Modelling
Downloads: Handout
Lecture, 13.09.2007Basic Applications of Molecular Modelling
Structural Chemistry Computing, 2007
Session 01, 24.05.2007UNIX Shell Commands
Session 02, 14.06.2007Manipulation of Structured Data with 'awk'
Downloads: AWK Quick Reference, 2pdb.sh
Session 03, 05.07.2007Molecule superposition with Uppsala software ('lsqman')
Downloads: Rotation in 3D, Root Mean Square Deviation, LSQMAN Quick Reference
Session 04, 26.07.2007Shell Programming: Molecule Superposition with Uppsala Software ('lsqman', 'moleman')
Downloads: MOLEMAN Quick Reference, superpos.sh
Session 05, 16.08.2007Structural alignment with 'lsqman'
Downloads: Alignment methods in LSQMAN, New superposition script, Assessment of superposition (script)
Session 06, 06.09.2007Structure Visualisation with 'PyMOL'
Downloads: PyMol Tutorial
Session 07, 20.09.2007The Linux environment in Structural Chemistry
Session 08, 11.10.2007UNIX shell commands
Session 09, 25.10.2007Introduction to 'Sybyl'
Downloads: Sybyl Basics
Session 10, 15.11.2007Structure visualisation with AstexViewer and RasMol
Session 11, 22.11.2007Space group determination
Downloads: Slides, Homework
Session 12, 29.11.2007Space Group Determination
Downloads: Slides
Session 13, 06.12.2007Space Group Determination with Mosflm
Session 14, 13.12.2007Space group determination
Session 15, 20.12.2007Protein homology modelling
Structural Chemistry Methods, 2007
Session 01, 07.09.2007Crystallography I: Introduction to Symmetry
Downloads: Slides
Session 02, 14.09.2007Spectroscopy I: CD Spectroscopy
Downloads: Slides
Session 03, 21.09.2007Crystallography II: Translational Symmetry Elements, Coordinate Systems, and Symmetry Calculations
Downloads: Slides
Session 04, 12.10.2007Subcloning of protein constructs
Session 05, 26.10.2007Biochemical buffers
Downloads: Slides
Session 06, 16.11.2007Crystallography III: Point Groups (Crystal Classes), Bravais Lattice, and Space Groups
Downloads: Slides
Session 07, 23.11.2007Crystallography IV: X-rays, Diffraction, Bragg92s Law, and the Reciprocal Lattice
Downloads: Slides
Session 08, 30.11.2007Crystallography V: Ewald Sphere, Structure Factor Equation
Downloads: Slides
Session 09, 07.12.2007Crystallography VI: Intensities of Reflections, Electron Density
Downloads: Slides