Teaching 2008
Update: 15.08.2017

Drug Discovery, Metabolism & Delivery (SCE3142), 2008
Lecture 22.09.2008Basic Principles of Molecular Modelling
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Lecture 24.09.2008Molecular Modelling: Basic Applications
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Structural Aspects of Medicinal Chemistry (SCE3153, BBS3018), 2008
Lectures 10.04.2008X-ray Crystallography
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Further reading, original literature and tutorials:
Crystallographic tutorials
Teaching resources by IUCr
X-ray crystallography tutorial
Structural Chemistry Computing, 2008
Session 01, 10.01.2008Protein Ligand Docking
Session 02, 17.01.2008Protein Ligand Docking
Session 03, 24.01.2008Basic Principles of Molecular Modelling
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Session 04, 07.02.2008Protein Ligand Docking
Session 05, 27.03.2008UNIX shell commands
Session 06, 03.04.2008Molecular Visualisation with PyMOL
Session 07, 10.04.2008Manipulation of structured data with awk
Session 08, 08.05.2008Practical calculations
Session 09, 15.05.2008Stoichiometric calculations
Session 10, 23.05.2008Molecular graphics with O
Session 11, 29.05.2008Molecular graphics with Coot
Session 12, 03.06.2008Diffraction data processing with Mosflm
Session 13, 05.06.2008Analysis of amino acid sequence alignment with JalView
Session 14, 12.06.2008Diffraction data reduction with Scala
Session 15, 26.06.2008Crystallographic refinement with CNS
Session 16, 03.07.2008Molecular replacement with AMoRe
Session 17, 10.07.2008Molecular replacement with AMoRe
Session 18, 17.07.2008Word processing with OpenOffice
Session 19, 07.08.2008Word processing with OpenOffice
Session 20, 14.08.2008Reference management with Bibus
Session 21, 04.09.2008Introduction to UNIX commands
Session 22, 11.09.2008UNIX commands
Session 23, 19.09.2008Manipulation of structured data with awk
Session 24, 26.09.2008Homology modelling with Modeller
Session 25, 09.10.2008Crystallographic calculations
Session 26, 23.10.2008The EMBOSS suite
Session 27, 30.10.2008Homology modelling with Modeller
Session 28, 06.11.2008Molecular graphics using Sirius
Structural Chemistry Methods, 2008
Session 01, 28.03.2008Crystallography I: Introduction to Symmetry
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Session 02, 11.04.2008Crystallography II: Translational Symmetry Elements, Coordinate Systems, and Symmetry Calculations
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Session 03, 22.04.2008Crystallography III: Point Groups (Crystal Classes), Bravais Lattice, and Space Groups
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Session 04, 09.05.2008Crystallography IV: X-rays, Diffraction, Bragg92s Law, and the Reciprocal Lattice
Session 05, 16.05.2008Biochemical buffers
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Session 06, 30.05.2008Protein Architecture I
Downloads: Slides
Session 07, 06.06.2008Protein Architecture II
Session 08, 13.06.2008Protein Architecture III
Session 09, 20.06.2008Crystallography Quiz
Session 10, 20.06.2008Centrifugation
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Session 11, 27.06.2008Crystallography V: Ewald Sphere, Structure Factor Equation
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Session 12, 04.07.2008Crystallography VI: Intensities of Reflections, Electron Density
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Session 13, 17.07.2008Crystallographic data processing
Session 14, 24.07.2008Crystallographic data processing
Session 15, 08.08.2008Fluorescence spectroscopy I
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Session 16, 15.08.2008Fluorescence spectroscopy II
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Session 17, 21.08.2008Studies on Annexin Structure-Function Relationships
Session 18, 29.08.2008Crystallographic Symmetry
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Session 19, 05.09.2008Crystallographic Symmetry
Session 20, 12.09.2008Symmetry Elements and Coordinate Systems
Session 21, 18.09.2008Symmetry Elements and Coordinate Systems
Session 22, 26.09.2008Coordinate Systems and Crystal Classes
Session 23, 03.10.2008Crystal Systems, Coordinate Systems
Session 24, 10.10.2008Bravais Lattices
Session 25, 24.10.2008Space group determination
Session 26, 31.10.2008Reflection Intensities
Session 27, 04.11.2008Space group determination
Session 28, 05.11.2008Crystal symmetry