Teaching 2009
Update: 15.08.2017

Structural Aspects of Medicinal Chemistry (SCE3153, BBS3018), 2009
Lectures 03.04.2009X-ray Crystallography
Downloads: Handout, Slides, Notes
Further reading, original literature and tutorials:
Crystallographic tutorials
Teaching resources by IUCr
X-ray crystallography
Structural Chemistry Computing, 2009
Session 01, 15.01.2009Manipulation of serial data with SDAR
Downloads: PCSB home page
Session 02, 22.01.2009The 2008 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
Downloads: Interview with Robert Huber
Session 03, 29.01.2009Crystallographic calculations
Session 04, 12.02.2009Symmetry matrices
Session 05, 19.02.2009CV writing
Session 06, 26.02.20091. Risk Assessments, 2. Chaotic Proteins
Downloads: Article
Session 07, 05.03.2009Crystallographic calculations
Session 08, 19.03.2009Terminology
Session 09, 02.04.2009MALS analysis with Astra
Downloads: ASTRA software by Wyatt Technology
Session 10, 17.04.2009Indexing with Mosflm
Downloads: Harry Powell's MOSFLM site
Session 11, 28.05.2009Molecular graphics with Sirius
Downloads: Sirius home page
Session 12, 04.06.2009Molecular graphics with UCSF Chimera
Downloads: UCSF Chimera home page
Further reading, original literature and tutorials:
Session 13, 03.07.2009Molecular graphics with VMD
Session 14, 16.07.2009Symmetry calculations
Session 15, 13.08.2009Stoichiometric calculations
Structural Chemistry Methods, 2009
Session 01, 16.01.2009Crystal Lattices
Session 02, 23.01.2009Bravais Lattices
Session 03, 30.01.2009Geometry of X-ray Diffraction
Session 04, 13.02.2009X-ray Diffraction
Session 05, 20.02.2009Miller Indices
Session 06, 27.02.2009Reciprocal Lattice
Session 07, 06.03.2009Reciprocal Lattice
Session 08, 13.03.2009Symmetry elements
Session 09, 20.03.2009Crystal Lattices
Session 10, 03.04.2009Protein X-ray Crystallography: Basic Overview
Session 11, 09.04.2009Diffraction Intensities
Session 12, 24.04.2009Crystallography Quiz
Session 13, 01.05.2009Crystallography Quiz
Session 14, 08.05.2009Space Group Determination
Session 15, 15.05.2009Space Group Determination
Session 16, 29.05.2009Space Group Determination
Session 17, 05.06.2009Space Group Determination
Session 18, 14.07.2009Symmetry Operators with Translative Elements
Session 19, 14.08.2009Crystallisation strategies