Teaching 2010
Update: 15.08.2017

MSc Bioinformatics (7307BPS), 2010
Tutorial, 12.04.2010Molecular Graphics with UCSF Chimera
Downloads: UCSF Chimera, Worksheet
Tutorial, 19.04.2010Homology modelling with MODELLER
Tutorial, 20.04.2010Worked example of a modelling project
MSc Bioinformatics (7307BPS), 2010
Lecture, 12.04.2010Protein Architecture
Downloads: Slides, Handout
Lecture, 13.04.2010Basic Principles of Molecular Modelling
Downloads: Slides
Structural Chemistry Computing, 2010
Session 01, 14.01.2010Basic UNIX commands
Session 02, 21.01.2010Structured data in crystallography
Session 03, 28.01.2010Molecular visualisation with PyMol
Session 04, 04.02.2010Molecular superposition
Session 05, 11.06.2010Refinement strategies
Downloads: Computational Tasks in Protein Crystallography
Session 06, 18.06.2010Crystallographic Computing: Overview
Session 07, 09.07.2010Interpretation of electron density
Session 08, 23.07.2010Interpretation of electron density
Session 09, 06.08.2010Interpretation of electron density
Session 10, 20.08.2010Model refinement
Session 11, 27.08.2010Crystallographic model building with O
Session 12, 03.09.2010Crystallographic model building with O
Session 13, 10.09.2010Crystallographic model building with O
Session 14, 17.09.2010Model refinement
Session 15, 24.09.2010Interpretation of electron density
Session 16, 01.10.2010Working with Linux
Session 17, 08.10.2010Working with Linux
Session 18, 15.10.2010Working with Linux
Session 19, 22.10.2010Working with Linux
Session 20, 29.10.2010Working with Linux
Session 21, 05.11.2010Using SHARP
Structural Chemistry Methods, 2010
Session 01, 15.01.2010Introduction to symmetry
Session 02, 22.01.2010Translational elements, coordinate systems
Session 03, 29.01.2010Point groups, Bravais lattices and space groups
Session 04, 05.02.2010Crystal classes
Session 05, 20.05.2010The structure of biological macromolecules
Session 06, 03.06.2010Crystal Classes
Session 07, 21.10.2010Crystallographic phasing: Heavy atom search
Session 08, 04.11.2010Crystallographic phasing: Heavy atom search